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Timber Wolf Publishing was established back in the 90's and has been a venue for my creativity.  As a creative and SEO commercial writer, I have spend more than 30 years working for other companies as well as producing works of fiction that I share online at various websites.

Since my semi-retirement, I have been more focused on creating books with value-added information and novels.  Although semi-retired, I still take on SEO article writing projects from clients around the world; afterall, there are still bills that must be paid.

Although many of the books I write are fiction-based, I also create books that share information that will assist people with making thier homelife better.  There books vary in topics, but are always packed with loads of helpful information and recommendations.  What my readers choose to take from them is entirely up to them!

I have a love of writing and no matter what format, it makes my heart sing.  There is nothing better than sitting down with a good book or ebook and letting your imagination guide you to places you have never been or experiences you have never had.  A great book can stir emotions within the reader for years to come.  Life is about experiences and a good book can help provide that.

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What's New at Timber Wolf Publishing....


The month of November celebrates National Novel Writing Month.  This is a time of year when I push myself to create a novel with the correct amount of words within the 30 day period.  To participate, each entrant must complete 50,000 words by the last day of November.  It is a challenge and requires that I do much of my writing during the evening hours, but meeting the goal provides one with a sense of satisfaction.  Once the goal has been met, I apply for an ISBN number through Timber Wolf Publishing and turn the word document into a paperback and ebook to be sold through Amazon and many other sites.  The book is also available for sale through this website.



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