About Us....


Welcome to my business....

For more than a quarter of a century, I have been providing outsourcing services to businesses locally and around the world.  In the early startup days, I provided desktop publishing and printing services to businesses that were local to the area.

As the internet became a strong business tool, my business services changed as well.  For many years, my business functioned as a writing provider service and supplied businesses worldwide with a team of freelance, professional writers that created SEO content on a vast array of topics and websites.


Today, as a Business Support Specialist, I provide a number of virtual assistant services to many online businesses, as well as brick and mortar companies with an online personna. 

My business has grown through "word of mouth" and this is something I truly appreciate.  My clients are like family and as such I go the extra mile to see that their businesses grow and change with the times. I provide my clients with professional, confidential, and guaranteed services.  I am always willing to work with the client to ensure that their project is completed to their satisfaction.



What are the benefits of outsourcing....


Today, outsourcing is a common method for businesses, both online and brick and mortar, with the appearance of having a fully-staffed office support system.  Work that is outsourced to a Virtual Assistant can be provided at a fraction of the cost it would take to maintaining full-time, in-house office employees. 

By using my virtual assistant services, the business saves time, money, and provides the business owner with peace of mind.  By handling the more mundane tasks, the business owner has more time to deal with the important, pressing responsibilities of running the day to day operations of the company.

I am happy to spend time with my clients discussing what is required to meet thier business needs.  Customer relations are an intregal part of my business and I work hard to ensure that my clients are happy.



Content is "King"

Everyone has heard the expression "Content is King" and for good reason.  Google is a great indexing service that bases "page" ranking for content based on quality and keyword placement.  The better the content and placement of keywords, the higher up on the page the content is listed. 

When it comes to a business website, the higher the content is rated on the page, the quicker the people find it when doing a search for specific products or services.  The majority of people doing searches generally only check the top few listings on the search page; therefore, the content you supply must be high-caliber, top quality information.

Top quality information and content applies to every application on the internet; whether it is written, video, audio, or social media. 

Social media marketing is a growing industry that can provide the company with the opporunity to enrich the business website by receiving backlinks from articles and blogs written about the company, their products and services, or new industry information.  For monitorized websites and blogs, backlinks are an essential part of doing business online.

After working as a SEO content writer for almost 25 years, this is information my company truly understands and works hard to provide.


Initial project consultations are complementary. 

So, if you have a project you would like to discuss, please include the project details and your contact information in an email.  I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your project and ensure we both understand what is expected.

To contact me, email: trish.virtual@gmail.com.