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What is a Virtual Assistant?

Today, there are many companies that operate without a brick and mortar location, which has opened the doors for these companies to hire virtual assistants to handle the more mundane tasks.  By using a virtual assistant, the business owner has time to focus on the more important tasks that need completed, as well as the day to day operations.

Virtual assistants are highly skilled, internet savvy, home-based professionals that provide a wide array of services to companies, businesses, and online entrepreneurs.

Almost every business, today, is doing some type of content marketing.  The phrase "conent marketing", a "buzzword", has been part of the English language for many years with good reason....it is effective and it works well.


Simply put....content marketing grows your business!



What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?


  • A virtual assistant saves your business money when it comes to paying for employee benefits.
  • Most virtual assistants bill by the hour; therefore, you don't have to pay employee remittances, taxes, or for employee holidays.
  • Your company has no outlay for office equipment or supplies when working with a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant works from a well equipped home office.
  • If you have absentees by employees, a virtual assistant can step in to complete tasks that need to be done.  A virtual assistant works with very flexible hours; therefore, they can be called upon in an emergency.
  • A virtual assistant can ease overload perdicaments.  Most VA's plan their work and can work into the evening, if necessary.
  • A virtual assistant is productive and offers quality services.  Unlike employees, most VA's work to deadlines and do not keep regular business hours.
  • A good virtual assistant quickly assumes additional management tasks and eliminates a portion of your regular workload making your life less stressful.
  • A virtual assistant save the company money as their is no need for the company to provide on-going training for administrative projects.
  • When working with a virtual assistant there is no hiring costs or to conduct lengthly interviews.
  • A virtual assistant wants to see your business grow and prosper; therefore, they offer a fresh perspective on ways the business can be more effective and economical. 


The VA's livelihood depends on your business success!



How to hire a Virtual Assistant?


The first thing you need to recognize is that hiring a virtual assistant, a member of your virtual staff, is different than hiring a freelancer to do a specific project.  The freelancer's only focus is the start and end date of the project, plus most freelancers work for multiple clients, so when you have an emergency situation, you may not be a priority.

A virtual assistant is a member of your team and you may be their only employers.  Often, tasks change over time, but your virtual team member will still maintain a position as part of your team.

Before hiring a Virtual Assistant, you should:

  • Make a detailed list of the tasks you would like the VA to handle on your behalf 
  • Provide the virtual assistant with a training manual that outlines the procedure and the way you would like it completed

Once you have your task list completed, prepare a job description that includes:

  • Background details about your company and its products/services
  • Demographic information about  your customers
  • A list of what skills, education, and experience is required
  • What responsibilities and duties are expected
  • Provide a current list of software, apps, and tools that are being used by your company


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