Tel-A-Care Family Services: Testimonials

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Caring and Sharing

All entries are edited for correctness, before being posted.  Testimonials are appreciated and posted each week as they are received by mail or email.  Thank you for sharing, Trish


I have been using Tel-A-Care Family Service for almost a year now and I have to tell you that my morning conversations are a pleasure and something I look forward to each day.  Trish and her gals are a delight and can talk about almost anything.  My daily call is scheduled for around 8 a.m. and generally is punctual.  Trish and her crew always remind me about any appointments.  I so enjoy my daily chat and appreciate the fact they will spend additional time with me if I need it.  They are a great group.

Mary Smith, Dresden, Ontario


My daughter recently purchased a plan for me, a Christmas present.  At first, I was pretty hesitant about using this service.  I have now received many calls from Trish at Tel-A-Care and have found I quite enjoy her morning visits.  We talk about the weather, what has happened since our last conversation, and pretty much anything I wish to discuss.  This service has definitely brightened my day, as I rarely leave my home and do not have many visitors.

Sally Newcombe, Forest, Ontario


Although I enjoy my daily reassurance calls to verify I am ok, I really enjoy the Chatterbug service and receive a call every week.  It was a present from my son a few months ago and I love it.  When Trish calls, I always have a list of things I wish to discuss with her and last week I could hardly wait to tell her all about my new great grandchild and how sweet she is.  We talked about recipes and she shared a great one with me, brownies in a mug, as she is well aware of my sweet tooth.  I love my calls and enjoy Trish's smilling personality.  She's even cheerful at the end of the day.

Jane White, Sarnia, Ontario


My son is a very busy professional that travels on business regularly.  I understand he is busy and cannot always call to see how I am.  I was thrilled with his gift of love last year.  On my birthday, he told me I would receive calls from Trish and/or her gals at Tel-A-Care Family Services.  My son explained how the service worked and that he signed me up so that when he was away, he would know I was doing alright.  He said he gets a weekly report from Trish to let him know I am okay.  The gals at Tel-A-Care call me a couple times each day and besides reminding me to take my meds, they also ask how I am doing and if I have any concerns.  I take delight in joking with them and having fun.  We spend much of our time laughing.  I so enjoy their chats that I personally signed up for the chatterbug, once a week, call and the newsletter which is filled with helpful information and entertaining articles.  I absolutely love these gals and this service.  I am disabled and although I am occasionally out of the house, it is good to know these girls actually care.

Bill Jordon, Chatham, Ontario