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Customizable Reminder Services

Today's world is extremely complex and busy; therefore, many businesses have taken the personal touch out of the equation by using automated answering and reminder services.  Unfortunately, this has had a negative affect on clients, as often they answer the phone to dead air and hang up long before the message begins.  They generally think these calls are telemarketers and often they are and it is annoying, to say the least!


Please note:  Prices vary depending on services required.  The services list below are invoiced monthly through Paypal.  New services are added when requested.


Patient Reminder Service

Today, there are so many automated telemarketing services that most people hang up long before a message is played.  This often means that people miss appointments and decrease revenue for busy doctors and their personnel.

Most front office and clinical staff are run off thier feet just keeping up with in-office visits, appointment booking, and paperwork.  Without appointment reminders, medical practices have a massive number of no-shows for appointments.  People are human, they get busy and they forget!

At Tel-A-Care Family Services, we understand how this happens.  Like most people, we do not enjoy waiting on the line for a recorded message to play some kind of marketing scam.  We appreciate the hard work medical personnel put into keeping our loved ones happy and well; therefore, we offer a service that reduces the office personnel’s workload and stress.

With Tel-A-Care’s Patient Reminder Service, patients receivea more personal touch and know that thier service provider cares about thier health and well-being.  All our reminder services can be customized specifically for your office. 

Reminder calls can include specific instructions for patients and allow the patient to confirm that they will be attending, cancelling, or will be rescheduling thier appointment.  Prior to the appointment date, the doctor’s office or clinic will receive a report specifying information about each call, including who will be attending, who has cancelled, and who will be rescheduling.  This permits the medical service to fill appointment slots that have been cancelled or will be rescheduled with people calling in for appointments that require urgent attention. 

For additional information on how this service is provided, please email or call Trish at 519-344-2815.  Our office is always happy to assist.



Small Business - Answering, Booking, and Reminder Services

Most small business owners and sales agents spend much of thier time away from the office servicing customer's needs.  This often leaves their office unattended making it impossible for new clients to reach them and book an appointment.  As a result, many small business owners and sales agents have resorted to using mobile phones as an attempt to provide customer service.  This generally results in a new customer calling at an inconvenient time and either receiving the mobile answering service or an owner that is dealing with another client or installation that cannot spend an adequate time with the new customer.  Many clients consider it to be extremely rude for a service person to take a call when they are being billed by the hour or in a meeting with them to discuss a current or new project.

At Tel-A-Care, we understand the frustration and can offer the small business owner or sales agent a number of customizable options to assist with gaining new customers and booking more service appointments.  For more information on how we can assist you with business growth, please call us at 519-344-2815 or click here to send us email.



Wake Up Sweetheart

Tel-A-Care Family Services provides wake up calls for heavy sleepers.  Today, so many things ring, buzz, and ting that many people sleep through electronic sounds, including alarm clocks and cell phone alarms.  This often results in missed appointments, arriving late at work, and racing down the highway to be where you are suppose to be, only a few minutes late.  Not only is this dangerous to you and others, but it creates undue stress and starts your day off badly.

Here, at Tel-A-Care, we care and want you to arrive safely at you to arrive safely at your designation. 

For more information, contact us by email or call 519-344-2815.




Child Check - After School Resource

At Tel-A-Care Family Services we understand that your children are the most precious “individuals” in the world.  We also understand that due to childcare costs, work hours, and other commitments many children arrive home to an empty house. 

At Tel-A-Care Family Services, we believe knowing that your child has arrived home safely is important; therefore, we provide a monitoring service for younger children and a check-in service for teens.  We want to ensure the children have arrived home safely and their activities are monitored so they are less likely to engage in risky and unhealthy behaviours.

This service is customized with the parent(s), in advance, and requires the completion of an application outlining various restrictions and consents.

For more information on this service, please call 519-344-2815 or email Trish.  Please put "Child Check" in the subject line.




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