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At Hidden Hollow, we have devised a renewable land lease system, so that people leasing our land can build either a bunkie, tiny home, cabin, cottage, or just roll in with their pre-built existing home and pick a spot to park.

People with pre-existing homes are welcome to move in at anytime, once their application has been approved, the lease agreement has been signed, and their payment has been made.

All initial lease agreements are for two years and are renewable the first time at the original lease rate.  Each year, the full yearly payment is due on or before May 15th.  When it comes time to renew your lease agreement, leasees can choose the length of their next lease agreement (1, 3, 5, or 10 years), based on what is happening in their lives.

The original two year lease agreement provides people time to finish their buildings, adjust to off-grid living during all four seasons, to get to know the other people in the park, and to discover and explore what this region has to offer.

By offering this land lease agreement, we can ensure people that we will be here years to come, plus our land lease agreement contains a "Change of Ownership" clause, so that if anything happens to the current owner and the park has to be sold for any reason, the new owner must honour all leases in good standing.

We understand that there may come a point when people would like to own their own land and pay property taxes; therefore, all Hidden Hollow structures are designed to be temporary.

Wheeled Tiny Houses are to be situated on a gravel pad.  Ground structures are to be situated on blocks resting on a gravel pad.

This arrangement makes it possible for those who wish to move somewhere down the road to arrange for a tilt and load trailer to pick up their home and move it to its new location.  We have information in the office to assist you with this.



Hidden Hollow Park is located in an unorganized district; therefore, building permits and inspections are not required.  With this being said, even though an inspection is not required, it is possible an inspector could show up and request one.

Hidden Hollow's leases allow for ground structures such as bunkies, tiny homes, cottages, etc., although due to our winter temperatures (-40C) tents, yurts, travel trailers, motorhomes, or any other slapped together shanty structure cannot be placed on our leased lots.  All structures must be insulated with a minimum of R20 under the floor, R25 in the walls, and R28 in the ceiling rafters, although we strongly recomment an R60, if possible.

Although you may build your own home, we also have a national building company that will create the shell to your house, so you can get on with finishing the inside work.  At Hidden Hollow, this builder often attends our spring, summer, and fall open houses to show people what type of structures and what options are available in the pre-fab line. This company requires no credit check, allows rent to own, and a pay off early no penalty program, plus offer free delivery and set up of your new home.

I personally can vouch for this company as I have lived in one of their structures for the past three years.  They stand behind their workmanship - Sincerely Trish

All homes on wheels must be placed on a gravel pad, not a poured cement

All structures not on wheels must have a gravel pad and sit on cement blocks - all buildings within the park are classed as temporary structures.

All buildings that sit on blocks must be skirted to keep the winter winds and snow out.

People are responsible to maintain their leased land, but are allowed to plant trees and shrubs, but not vegetable or fruit gardens, unless they are on a homesteading lot.


Pre-built Homes on Wheels

People with pre-built existing homes on wheels can complete a land lease agreement at anytime.  Our leases begin May 15th, but the leasee will be pro-rated by the number of months not used on their first lease agreement.



30' x 25' - Van Haven Park

30' x 40' - Recreation Park

30' x 60' - Tinyville Cresent

100' x 435' - Homesteader Road



An official street address for your mailing - Provided with your lease agreement. Mail is collected and sorted by the office for you to pick up.  We can also forward mail monthly if you are away.

A park street address so your guests can find you.

Hydro (Optional) - at your expense and must be buried under ground. 

Friendly and helpful staff.

Winter maintained roads.

Access to all shoreline beaches.

Free weekly garbage pickup - Sundays

Access to the "Dog Park and Dog Beach"

1 plot in the community garden - Additional plots can be rented.

At Hidden Hollow, we prefer the use of composting or incinerating toilets, but several options are open to you.

Our bi-weekly newsletter with local events and news.

Showers during summer months, while building - yours needs to be in by Thanksgiving Weekend as we shut down the seasonal cottages lines.

Access to fresh spring/well water.