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"Experience Hidden Hollow Park"


Each year, Hidden Hollow hosts an "Open Houses" in June, July, August, and September.  These open house event give people the opportunity to explore "Alternative Lifestyles", especially aimed at those who want to live off-grid, tiny, or tiny on wheels.  These open houses are open to everyone and give people the opportunity to explore our park and meet other like-minded individual, as well as form lasting friendships.   Each open house, one or two seminars are available; although, they are optional.

Our coming open house is listed below. 

Please remember to RSVP if you are planning to attend.  Please include your name, address, and phone number.




Experience the Fall at Hidden Hollow, September 25 - 27, 2020


At Hidden Hollow, we enjoy meeting new people and exploring possibilities.  We celebrate the changing of the leaves by participating in an assortment of activities including a tour through the park, hay rides, scavenger hunts, games, networking, and building friendships.  Each night closes with a group bonfire around the large firepit.

Guests are expected to be self-sufficient and provide their own type of accomodation, plus remember to bring their food and lawn chairs.


Seminars: (Optional)

1. Downsizing to live "Tiny" - for downsizing to a vehicle or a tiny home.

2. Beginner's Off-Grid Living - learning about the various choices that are available to meet you off-grid needs.



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