Hidden Hollow Campground

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Welcome to our Homesteading Page



At Hidden Hollow, we have devised a renewable land rental system, so that people renting our land can either build a new home, (as well as additional animal shelters) or roll in with their pre-built existing home, pick a spot, and park.  

People with pre-existing homes are welcome to move in anytime, once their application has been completed, rental agreement has been signed, and full payment has been made.

All initial rental agreements are for two years and renewable. Each year, the full yearly payment is due on or prior to May 15th. When it comes time to renew an rental agreement, the renter can choose the length of time they wish their next rental agreement to be,  based on what is happening in their lives.

This gives people time to finish their buildings, adjust to off-grid living during all four seasons, get to know other home owners, and to discover and explore this beautiful region.

By offering this renewable land lease system, we can ensure people that we will be here for years to come.

We understand that there may come a point in time when people would like to own their own land, pay property taxes, and move their home to their land.  This is one of the reasons that all homes at Hidden Hollow are designed to be termporary structures, which can be loaded on a tilt and load trailer and moved to new locations.  After all, you bought, built, and paid for your home....it is your home!

Note:  When that time comes, we have a company you can contact that will do this for you at a reasonable price. When you move you are responsible to move all your personal propert off the leased land and out of Hidden Hollow.  We do not provide storage.


Hidden Hollow is located in an unorganized district; therefore, building permits and inspections are not necessary, but you must understand that even though permits are not required, your home must be built to code, as an inspector may show up one day and require an inspection. Building code requirements are available at the office.

Therefore, you cannot live in a tent, a yurt, or any other alternate shanty-type structure - our temperatures here often reach -40C during winter months with snowfall.  

At Hidden Hollow, each person that rents land for homesteading is responsible to clear any necessary land within their lot, fence in any animals they wish to keep, and to make sure all structures built or brought into Hidden Hollow are designated as a temporary, movable structure.  

As with all temporary structures, you must be able to move them should you decide to depart Hidden Hallow.  They belong to you!  

We generally suggest, you put wheeled structures on a gravel pad, and other structures on blocks sitting on a gravel pad, so that all buildings can be skirted to keep out the winter winds.

Because homesteaders generally have animals that require a lot of water, our homesteading lots are located along the Round Lake shoreline, so leasees and their animals have easy access to water. All lots back into a forested/bush area, but they have open areas enabling adequate amounts of sunshine for solar systems.  

The people who rent our lots are responsible for upkeeping their lot, which shall look neat and tidy at all times.  That being said, you are able to plant trees, bushes, and food gardens.


Lot Size:  1 acre - additional acres can be purchased at the same price as your first acre.

Friendly and helpful staff
Access to the entire shoreline beaches
A free street address is provided when you take out a P.O. Box
Winter maintained roadways
Access to the "Doggy Park", which is located next to the community garden
Access to the "Doggy Swimming Area" at Pebble Beach - down the path from the Dog Park
Outhouses that are pumped out weekly - we prefer the use of composting toilets
Free garbage pick up each Sunday
Access to other people who have been living off-grid for advice.
Our bi-weekly community newsletter with events and more.

Please note:  Free range animals are not allowed here.  We have both large and small predators that will be happy to kill and consume them.  We strongly recommend that all animals be taken into a shed or shelter during the night hours.  We do not wish to encourage bears, coyotes, or cougars with an easy food supply.