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Chatterbug Services

At Tel-A-Care Family Services, we realize individuals that spend most of their time alone, without contact with others, find the evening hours to be extremely long and lonely.  Often the winter day when it is cold, miserable, and dangerous to venture outside for a walk or a visit a friend creates a feeling of neglect, depression, and isolation.  We understand that the shortened daylight hours, as well as hours spent in darkness, can create a seasonal disorder in people who are alone.

With this in mind, we offer Chatterbug Services for those who are elderly, shut-in, disable, or lonely.  This service provides the individual with an early evening, friendly conversation with one of our well-versed personnel.  It could be a new recipe they tried that day, a visit from a friend or family, a hobby or craft they enjoy, or even the current news of the day.  At Tel-A-Care, we keep the conversation upbeat and lively; therefore, every individual is happy and satisfied with his or her visit.

Individual's family members are also welcome to bestow this service upon a loved one.  We ask that they provide a list of the individual’s interests, hobbies, and activities.  This gives us a few topics to talk about when making our first few Chatterbug calls. 

As with all Tel-A-Care Family Services, we arrange a talk time that is convenient for the individual, as this gives them something to look forward to each week.

We, at Tel-A-Care, care about you and your loved ones.



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