Sugar Shack Art Studio


Welcome to the Sugar Shack

Located not far from my home sits a building that resembles a sugar shack.  This building has now become a working studio and provides me a place to experiment with my creative endeavours.  It is in this building that the magic happens, hence the name of my studio "The Sugar Shack".

The Sugar Shack is my play place and I spend hours there each day creating new and interesting projects.  In the corner sits a fireplace with ample storage for small items.  The walls are lined with narrow shelving to display my art pieces, and a large cozy chair and carpet add colour to the room and warmth to the feet.  On one wall sits my sewing machine and on the other wall my drafting table stands ready to add touches to pieces I am starting or finishing.

My artistic creations are a labour of love and provide many hours of enjoyment.  This little studio is my sanctuary and a small hiding place away from the hectic world.


Beside the Sugar Shack sits a smaller building that has become storage for canvases, craft, and sewing supplies.  This small space is lined with shelving and flat storage spots for larger canvases.  Each cubby holds a vast array of well used and loved products. 

My Artistic Journey....


As a self-taught artist, I have been dabbling in various mediums for many years.  Although I have been creative for many years in the craft world, my artistic fine art journey began in 1999 when I discovered the beauty of watercolour.  Since that time, I have worked in all mediums and enjoyed creating a collection of works that brighten any wall they hang on.  Some of my work is in simplistic black and white line drawings, while other pieces consist of bright and bold colours.

My work has been on display around the world and is often commissioned as part of an educational display in other countries.  These works usually teach children in other countries about the flowers, animals, and scenery they will find across Canada; although, I have completed pieces for various U.S. states as well.

Today, I have many collectors that purchase pieces as soon as they are completed.  Many of my early pieces hang in the small building next to the Sugar Shack and will never be for sale. They represent my artistic journey from the beginning and bring me much joy!


The Classroom....


Over the years, the Sugar Shack has provided a classroom for children and adults to express their creativity.  Each year, I run a number of art classes, in various mediums, that are open to children and adults.  The building provides a cheerful place to learn and spread your wings.  I make these classes affordable so that all children and adults have the opportunity to grow and express themselves.

A few times each year, the Sugar Shack is open for people to come in and share the joy of crafting.  During these classes, a special project is selected and the supplies required are provided.  These classes go over very well and people who attend usually provide snacks for everyone to enjoy as they work away.  This also provides people the chance to get out with a friend and enjoy a learning day away.  At the end of the class, each student has a wonderful piece they have created to take home and enjoy or give to loved one as a gift.

Class sizes are usually limited and filled on a first come, first served basis; although when classes fill quickly, I usually provide a secondary class to handle the overflow.  Nobody needs to miss out on the fun!

For more information on what classes are available, please visit the "Coming Events" page

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Commissions Welcome.....


Over the years, I have created many commission pieces including paintings of pets, landscapes, storybook illustrations, and architectural structures.  I am always open to accepting new projects.

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