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Welcome to Tel-A-Care Family Services


Tel-A-Care Family Services is dedicated to assisting seniors and shut-ins live a happy and rich life through daily contact and friendly conversations designed to alleviate the feeling of loneliness.  Our clients become an extended member of our family group and are treated with compassion, respect, and guaranteed privacy.  We assist families by ensuring that their loved ones are monitored each day and feel secure knowing we will be there for them should a situation arise that needs immediate attention.

About Tel-A-Care Family Services

Meet the Owner

Tel-A-Care Family Services opened to supply a much needed contact service for seniors, disabled, and other shut-ins.  At TeleCare, we know the most important need a human being has is contact with other people, security, and social engagement.  People who live on their own without regular contact with family members or friends, often feel neglected and lonely, so we designed this service to be affordable, accountable, and dedicated to helping these individuals.

It is important to note that we are not health care professionals; we are people who care about others.  It is also important to note that all personnel must have a current "criminal records check", as well as "first aid" training to be employed with TeleCare Family Services.

We offer three different plans designed to meet the needs of individuals and/or family members.  For detailed information on each of the plans available, please see our "Plans & Price" page. All plans can be customized to suit the client’s needs.

Tel-A-Care plans include:

  • Check-In Service:  We call the person each day to ensure they are well and remind them about appointments and medications, as well as a few minutes of friendly conversation. 
  • Monitoring Service:  The client calls us, when it is convenient; to let us know they are well and happy.  Our personnel monitor these calls and action is taken if required.
  • Chatterbug Service:  This early evening calling service includes friendly conversation, usually five to fifteen minutes, on a regular weekly basis
  • Friendly Faces:  This is a monthly newsletter, by subscription, that is sent out to each individual registered with our service, filled with interesting articles and information.


Yes, we care service:

We donate a small portion out of each client's payment towards helping those in need, living on a small income, and cannot afford these services. Their family doctor or other health care professionals usually refer these individuals to us. .

You can also sponsor another person through our plans page.  If you sponsor another person, we put you in touch with the person you sponsored, if you wish, with the hope that the two of you will build a long and lasting friendship.

Patricia A. MacQueen - Trish

I opened my original business in 1985 supplying administrative services to small business clientele.  Over the years, the business changed to keep up with the digital era and the business began supplying administrative and copywriting services to companies around the world with more than fifty freelancers working under me.  In 2014, I decided it was time to retire from the hectic life I was leading and move back to the area where I grew up and where my family still lives. Once settled into my home in the country, just outside the City of Sarnia, I realized retirement was not for me, so I started looking around for a value-added, service-based business that would enhance my life and the lives of other people.

Like many other people, I live alone with the company of two spunky Jack Russells, Shaggy and Jasmine, and a stray cat I adopted named "Baby".  I can speak from experience when I tell you that when you are alone, the days are long and the evenings are even longer. 

About three months after moving to the Sarnia area and out of sheer boredom, I went shopping at Walmart and then stopped at the McDonald's for a bite.  As I glanced around, I noticed many elderly people sitting alone, so I engaged in conversation with them.  I have always loved conversing with people, so the conversation flowed easily and I soon learned that these people felt lonely and neglected.  One person told me, "If he were to die tomorrow, no one would ever know and his body would lay in decay for days before he was discovered.  Many of the others around me nodded their heads in agreement.

I am happy to say that has not happened, he is still alive and kicking.  I call him every day to check-in and chat.  Therefore, needless to say, the value-added service business I was seeking is now open and I have contact with many each day, as do the good people that work with me.  It is a blessing to know people are happy and well, not lonely and sad. 

I love what I am doing and I would not trade it for anything in this world.  My extended family is as important to me as my immediate family.







Tel-A-Care Family Services

2821 Churchill Line

Sarnia, Ontario


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Recording and Reporting Services:

At TeleCare Family Services, we are completely computerized and use project management, contact, calendar, and journaling software designed to track and record all our activities.  Each time we contact a client, our journaling software records the time and date, whether the call was answered, and how many return calls were made.  Our software does not record conversations, as those will always remain completely confidential to ensure our client's privacy.

Family members, who provide our service for a loved one, are welcome to request our call records at anytime.  We can easily print them out and provide them.


When registering for our service, for yourself or a loved one, we request:

  • Full name, address, and telephone number
  • Your family doctor's name and any medical appointments that are booked
  • A list of when medications are to be taken and any chronic conditions
  • At least two emergency contact's numbers, in case one is away if we need to call them

Our client files are stored on password-protected computers and backup copies are stored in locked filing cabinets.   Our client's privacy is essential to us!