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Our Beaches:

Hidden Hollow has two beach areas that are equisite.

Shallow Bay is an excellent location for swimming, especially for children, as it is shallow for a long distance before becoming deeper.  Shallow Bay has a red sand beach.

Pebble Beach is as you would suspect from the name, made up of small water-rounded pebblies, and is mainly used as an adult and dog swimming area, as it becomes quite deep and is not suitable for small children, but adults and dogs have frolick time together on this beach.


Children at Play

At Hidden Hollow, we have lots of space for children to run and play, as well as playgrounds located in various areas throughout the park. Playgrounds are updated or added to each spring, as funds become available.

Pet Friendly - Dogs in the Park

At Hidden Hollow, we are pet friendly; although, with so many dogs residing in the park, we have a "all dogs must be on a leash", except when in one of our Dog Park runs or when swimming at Pebble Beach.  Dogs are not allowed at Shallow Beach, as that is the children's swimming area and some children are fearful of dogs.

Pet Friendly - Cats in the Park

At Hidden Hollow, we love our fur babies, but all cats must become indoor animals or may be taken outside on a leash or place in a catio.  Cats are not allowed to roam free in the park.  Unfortunately, cats allowed to roam often disappear thanks to eagles, owls, coyotes, wolf, and other predators that share the space.  Please, keep your cats safe!

Hunting, Fishing, and Recreation

Hidden Hollow is located in an area where hunting and fishing is fantastic.  Although, there is "No Hunting" in Hidden Hollow, there is crown land throughout the area, plus groomed snowmobile trails and plenty of places to have fun ATVing, Hiking, Boating, Kayaking, and more.... 


 Entertainment, Pot Luck Dinners, and Pig Roast

At Hidden Hollow, we are family and often host pot luck dinners for both the seasonal cottagers and the off-grid tiny home people.  These meals give everyone the opportunity to share a meal and make new and interesting friends.

At the end of cottage season, Hidden Hollow's owners, host a "Pig Roast" for all people who live in the park to show thier appreciation for the family they have built and so enjoy having.