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Check-In Call Service:

We provide monitoring calls for individuals living on their own or who are alone throughout the day and just want the security of checking in with someone each day.  Our calls are arranged with the client in advance, at a time that is convenient for them.

Our clients often include seniors, people with chronic health problems, disabled people, people grieving after the death of a partner, and older adults living alone with pets they love very much.

Each day, Tel-A-Care provides daily reassurance calls for people and family members who request this service, to provide medication, meal, and activity reminders or just to check-in and assure they are well through some friendly conversation.

Today, many seniors, older people, disabled individuals, and chronically ill people live on their own without much interaction from friends and family members.  They often feel neglected and alone.  Our services help them feel secure by providing a friendly, caring voice and light conversation designed to ensure their well-being.  Live personnel that actually care about their health and livelihood make our care calls.  Over time, these people become an extension of our caring family.

If possible, we aim to have the same person call each day, excluding weekends and holidays.  We feel that this provides us with a better opportunity to develop a lasting relationship with each client.

Tel-A-Care calls usually last anywhere from two to five minutes; although, we do allow for additional friendly conversation should the client require it.  We often find that many wish to chat about the good ole days, current events, the weather, food, entertainment,and/or something they heard on the news.

If, at any time, the client doesn’t answer their phone, we call back three times within the hour.  If we still receive no answer, we will leave a message with any necessary reminders and then call or email the emergency contact person notifying them that we were unable to reach their loved one.  Please note: We are a calling service, not health care professionals.

If, when we call the client, they mention they are feeling unwell, we will advise them to seek medical help, as well as inform the emergency contact immediately.  If the situation requires immediate attention, we will advise the client to hang up and call 911 immediately, as well as the emergency contact.

As part of our service, we can provide daily or weekly emails updating to the client’s contact person; otherwise, we will only call or email if there is a problem detected.  We recommend that more than one contact person is listed on each client’s file.  Contact people can include an immediate family member, a neighbour, a friend, or a care manager.

This service provides peace of mind to family members living outside of their loved ones community or those who have demanding, busy schedules that cannot always find the time to converse over the phone daily.  We know you love them, but understand that with work and kids, this is not always possible.

Our plan is an affordable option designed to alleviate the loneliness that many people feel.  TeleCare plans can be customized to meet the client’s needs and budget.  All plans are pay in advance or invoiced monthly and may be cancelled at any time.


Why Choose Tel-A-Care Family Services?

Really, it is simple...we are dedicated, reliable, and care about each individual we serve.  Our plans can be customized to suit the client’s needs and can be cancelled at any time.

In some communities, non-profit groups, charities, and health care services provide a volunteer based calling service, but it is not always reliable with calls coming in at inconvenient times or not at all.  Often, the volunteer callers just want to get their call list completed and don’t spend the time necessary to know what the client needs.

Tel-A-Care ensures that calls are made every day, depending on the plan selected, and at a time that is convenient for the client.  We go the extra mile for every client, as well as his or her family member.


Depending on the plan selected, our rates start at less than you would pay for a cup of coffee at Tim Horton’s each day.

Tel-A-Care Family Services

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