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"Live Daily Reassurance Calls for Loved Ones"



 Welcome to Tel-A-Care Family Services

Established in 1985 by Trish MacQueen, Tel-A-Care Family Services recently relocated to the Sarnia area.  

Tel-A-Care is not an automated calling system, and yes, it would be much cheaper for us to use these systems, but they are cold and impersonal and cannot possibly monitor an individual's well-being.  Automated systems often confuse and irritate the elderly, disabled, and chronically ill individuals. 

With Tel-A-Care Family Services, clients do not need to learn new technology that makes them feel uncomfortable or uneasy.  Many people still believe that automated equipment is not secure or private, as it is often cloud-based technology and we record personal information. 

Using Tel-A-Care, all calls to our clients arrive on a regular phone or cell phone, depending on which the client prefers.  Reports can be provided to the client's caregiver by phone, email, or text message on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, as requested. 

As part of our every day service, we offer peace of mind to families and individuals through check-in, call monitoring, appointment and medication reminders, and our guaranteed quality-calling program. 

Many seniors, disabled, and chronically ill individuals feel isolated and alone.  Often, their family members live outside of the community and are unable to stay in regular contact, due to demanding schedules.  Tel-A-Care Family Services are designed to alleviate everyone's stress and provide the individual and their family peace of mind.


Download Tel-A-Care's Brochure

To make reading about our service easy, you can download our PDF brochure here.  You must have a PDF reader, such as Acrobat Reader.


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Tel-A-Care Family Services


  • Live, personal monitoring
  • Daily reassurance calls
  • Activity and medication reminders
  • Friendly conversation
  • Respect and compassion
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • Designed for people living on their own
  • Provides the family with peace of mind
  • Emergency contact notifications, if necessary
  • Customized calling plans
  • Available 7 days a week across Canada






  • Affordable plans
  • Caring personnel
  • Check-in monitoring
  • Daily reassurance and reminder calls
  • Family reports
  • Friendly conversations
  • Long-term relationships
  • Privacy & respect


At Tel-A-Care, our services are guaranteed and the individual or their family can cancel at any time.  Our goal is to provide a compassionate and caring relationship with each client, and their family, while ensuring "Peace of Mind" for all.  Our clients are our extended family and just as important as our immediate family members.



Tel-A-Care Family Services

2821 Churchill Line

Sarnia, Ontario


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